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Chari Smith draws from her creative energy and technical expertise to write music, plays, and musicals. She believes in the power of the performing arts to bring people together for a unique and engaging experience. She is a jazz pianist, playwright, composer, and singer/songwriter.


Her creative adventures range from writing full-length musicals to picture books. If you’re looking for Chari Smith, author and program evaluation expert, yes, that’s her, too. Please visit  if you’re interested in program evaluation.


Chari studied at Berklee College of Music and has been a writer/composer/pianist most of her life. In Boulder, Colorado, she wrote and produced two musicals with the Boulder Arts Academy. Chari also taught jazz piano to children as well as adults.


She is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild, and is a published playwright -- Extraordinary Women from U.S. History: Readers Theatre for Grades 4-8 (Teacher Ideas Press/ Libraries Unlimited, 2003) and Little Plays for Little People (Teacher Ideas Press/Libraries Unlimited, 1996).


Her mini-musical Book Club was a part of the Portland Mini Musical Festival 2020. She is currently writing a full-length musical Freedom: The Untold Story of Moses.

Photo Credits: Andie Petkus Photography

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