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This rousing rock musical brings one of civilization's most iconic tales to life, portraying the Hebrew prophet Moses not just as the destined leader of his people, but as a young man torn between royal privilege and stark injustice. Freedom transcends the scriptural story of Moses by illuminating the experiences of those around him—from his mother’s heart-wrenching sacrifice to Pharaoh’s sinister ambitions—taking us on an emotional journey of love, loss, and liberation.  


Research on Ancient Egypt and the Torah provides a general guideline for the development of the story.

         "...I admire writer / composer Chari Smith’s work..." - Broadway World



I Have A Little Secret by Chari Smith
What Kind of Name is Moses? by Chari Smith
Take A Seat by Chari Smith
What Have I Done? by Chari Smith

I Have a Little Secret

Vocals - Leah Yorkston; Piano/drums – Chari Smith

What Kind of Name is Moses?

Vocals – Judy Porter and Kathryn Luke Taylor; Piano – Chari Smith

Take a Seat 

Vocals - Cory Chesnut, Denni Edlund, Kevin Sanderson Doughty, Nancy Goering, Sandy Bacharach, Sarah Sanderson Doughty; Bass guitar - Spencer King; Piano - Chari Smith; Mixed/Edited -  Josh Hegg

What Have I Done?

Vocals - Diego Solan; Piano – Chari Smith

Concert Reading: Fertile Ground Festival of New Works

April 2024 concert reading rehearsal at Eastside Jewish Commons

Photo credit: Andie Petkus Photography

Sandy Bacharach
L to R: Kevin Sanderson-Doughty, Denni Edlund, Caroline Sanderson-Dougth, Niku Edlund-Farsad, Sarah Sanderson-Doughty, and Cory Chesnut
Diego Solan-Kjelland, Peter Wilberding
L to R: Peter Wilberding, Kevin Sanderson-Doughty, Denni Edlund, Caroline Sanderson-Dougthy, and Niku Edlund-Farsad
Book Club - Part of the Portland Mini Musical Festival 2020

Reading: PDX Playwrights

PDX Playwrights hosted a cold reading of act one on April 4, 2023. Photo credit: Max Smith

Evaluation as Jazz with Michael Quinn Patton
American Evaluation Association (AEA) conference 2020 Opening Keynote Speaker
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