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The Untold Story of Moses

Story, music and lyrics by Chari Smith

Moses is traditionally known in the book of Exodus as leading the Hebrews out of their enslavement in Ancient Egypt. The musical Freedom pushes past the biblical version, and delves into what it was like for Moses’ parents to give him up and watch him in a palace from afar, how Moses adjusts to palace life when he feels out of place and angry, and ultimately how he breaks free from his own mental prison to find freedom. An emotional journey of love, loss, hope, justice, and self-realization, this musical sheds new light on who Moses was and the barriers he overcame to become free.


Research on Ancient Egypt and the Torah provides a general guideline for the development of the story.


Chari is in the process of recording all of the songs, and preparing to workshop the musical.


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Book Club – Part of the Portland Mini Musical Festival 2020

Story, music and lyrics by Chari Smith

A group of women in varying stages of their adult lives, come together under the pretense of discussing a book. The book never gets discussed, but wine is imbibed, secrets are shared and support is given. It is a heartfelt tribute to the power of friendship among women, no matter what their age.


In 2020, Chari’s two worlds - music and program evaluation - collided. The results are the following two projects.


Evaluation as Jazz with Michael Quinn Patton

Music composed and performed by Chari Smith

In the beginning of the pandemic, program evaluation pioneer and expert Michael Quinn Patton released comfort pandemic music. These were videos with his lyrics set to known songs.  

These were designed to “help us get through this pandemic crisis with a little comfort, levity and wisdom.”

Chari and Michael collaborated on this original video, with an original jazz composition serving as the backdrop to Michael’s words of wisdom.

American Evaluation Association (AEA) conference 2020 Opening Keynote Speaker

Story, music and lyrics by Chari Smith

Chari wrote Shine your Light for the opening plenary session she did at the American Evaluation Association (AEA) annual conference. The song was inspired by the conference theme ‘shine your light’, that program evaluators shine our light to reveal truths that were once unknown.  

Special thanks to Aimee White, AEA 2020 President, Anisha Lewis, AEA Executive Director, Jayne Kramer, AEA Marketing & Communications Manager, and AEA Phil Montwill, Senior Graphic Designer for working with me to create an inspiring video that blends music and stories about program evaluation.